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Upcoming Programs      
October 31 You CAN Install Ducted Ventilation in Existing Homes Maine Indoor Air Quality Council A two hour program dispelling the myth that it's too difficult and too expensive to install balanced ventilation in an existing home.  Part of our IAQ Conference "Second Chance" program series.
November 18 Legal Issues of IAQ Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, Doyle & Nelson A 90 minute session on how you can reduce your liability through improving the quality of your IAQ contracts, among other strategies.
December 2, 2014 The Pretty Good House (our annual Energy Efficiency & IAQ seminar) Jointly sponsored by the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals A full day program exploring the delicate balance between energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and cost.  Guest presenter:  Eric Werling, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC.
Winter 2015 Residential Construction Training Series Maine Indoor Air Quality Council,Renewaire, Dates & Location TBA A four part program series on strategies to build a healthy, energy efficient home and renovate and existing home for IAQ and energy efficiency.
Recorded Programs Available to All      
Now on the Web 24/7! Residential Construction Training Series  Maine Indoor Air Quality Council A three part series on building an IAQ Healthy Home. Just $25.00 per session for MIAQC members.
Free web-based training Asthma & Indoor Air Quality Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, the Maine State Asthma Prevention & Control Program, and the Maine Asthma Coalition Video and handouts from 1 hour webinar on strategies to better manage asthma through management of the indoor environment.  Presenter:  Leslie Walleigh, M.D.
Free web-based training IAQ 101 - an Introduction to Indoor Air Quality Maine Indoor Air Quality Council A 20 minute audio with PowerPoint presentation on the basics of Indoor Air Quality for healthy indoor environment.
Free web-based training Summary of MIAQC/MaineHousing project to study impact of weatherization on radon Maine Indoor Air Quality Council A 30 minute session from the 2012 Annual Business Meeting on what we learned about radon and weatherization, with strategies to improve practices.  Presenter:  Ellen Tohn, of Tohn Environmental. 
Free web-based training Understanding Maine's Radon Code Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and the Maine State Radon Section A free, four-hour audio program (with PowerPoint presentation) to teach building professionals how to comply with ASTM E1465, Maine's radon code.
Archive of Past Programs      
  Education Archive of Past Programs Available to Members of MIAQC Only Click HERE to Join the MIAQC
  IAQ at the New Botanical Garden Education Center Maine Indoor Air Quality Council (with Maine USGBC) A presentation on the IAQ aspects of Maine's first net-zero energy commercial building, with facility tour.
  Mold & Moisture Public Health Assessment Workshop:  Combining Visual Evaluation, Mold Testing, and Building Science Diagnostics Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and the American Lung Association of New England A three-hour workshop on practical strategies to respond to occupant complaints when there is no visible mold growth.

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