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The 2014 Keynote Presentation:

Does Your Building Spread--or Control--Respiratory Infection?

Michael Hodgson, MD, MPH

Director, Chief Medical Officer, Office of Occupational Medicine

Occupational Health & Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.

Keynote Summary:

Common colds, influenza, and other diseases are spread from person to person by airborne routes.  While it is generally understood that management of an indoor environment may limit the spread of infection, little is actually known regarding the efficacy of commonly-used indoor environment control strategies for infection control, strategies that can include ventilation rate adjustments, air flow regimes, filtration, and ultra violet germicidal irradiation, and facility management.  Significant questions have yet to be resolved regarding the ventilation requirements for airborne infection control, exposure risks, and variability in indoor settings such as hospitals, homes, schools, and offices.

Dr. Michael Hodgson, Director of the Office of Occupational Medicine at the Occupational Safety & Health Administration in Washington, D.C. will discuss how infectious diseases spread in buildings, how ventilation systems and office design contribute to infection rates and how routine, regular winters and pandemic considerations pose challenges to building owners, managers, and users.  


About Michael Hodgson, MD, MPA

Dr. Hodgson has been Chief Medical Officer, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Director of OSHA’s Office of Occupational Medicine Office since April 2013.  He is an internist and occupational medicine specialist, with a career spanning academics, public health, and healthcare operations leadership.  He has explored disease and the built environment since 1981, as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer for CDC/NIOSH.


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