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Improving Strategies for Residential Ventilation

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
12:00 Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Via Live Webinar

$20.00 for MIAQC Members
$30.00 for Nonmembers
$0.00 for paid registrants of the 2/8/2013 Energy Efficiency & IAQ seminar. (use coupon code)

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The snowstorm that hit Maine on February 8, 2013 created havoc with the travel of our guest presenters for the Energy Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality Seminar.  As a result, we are scheduling our guest faculty for two upcoming presentations of their material from the 8th, plus more.  

On Tuseday, March 5, 2013, Max Sherman, senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA, will present his workshop:  Improving Strategies for Residential Ventilation.

Workshop Description:  

Improving Strategies for Residential Ventilation - Presenter:  Max Sherman, Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Berkeley, CA

 Max Sherman will assist the audience in understanding "ventilation equivalence" - a critical principle used to develop the intermittent ventilation tables in ASHRAE 62.2 and the principle used to determine the impact of air infiltration on indoor air quality.  Understanding ventilation equivalence will assist Maine professionals in providing more accurate calculations when considering the need for additional ventilation in air tight buildings.  Max will identify the most common contaminants in found in homes, and what research tells us regarding the roles of both source control and air cleaning.  Max will highlight some of the changes present in the latest version of the ASHRAE 62.2 standard (2013).


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